tzdist protocol development

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Crib sheet for Time Zone Data Distribution Service (tzdist) development

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Third part elements out of scope of discussions

- Any changes to the Time Zone Database process or infrastructure, as documented in RFC 6557.
Backwards data now supported in tz database, so historic material can be defined and updated - see CONTRIBUTING in tz repository

- The naming process for time zone identifiers. The working group can consider adding a mechanism, such as a "namespace" prefix, to differentiate different time zone sources, but the nature of the time zone identifiers used will be controlled by the sources themselves.
Time zone abbreviations section of the Theory file in tz repository

- Lookup protocols or APIs to map a location to a time zone.
Sourced from geonames database which uses the tz 'zone' table as it's cross reference rather than zone1970.
Importing geonames data into Firebird